40mm = 48 grams : 50mm = 75 grams : 60mm = 105 grams

*Some designs are not available in all diameters.

6 pack sets are 40mm diameter only. 4 pack sets can be 50 or 60mm diameter.


In order to become a teacher I studied Fine Arts and Biology at a university in the lavishly green Ruhr Area of Germany. When the time came up to choose the art field of attention, I took both painting and photography. Back then photography was still “old school” and I feel lucky that I was given the opportunity to learn all this.
Today I enjoy working on different kinds of paper with ink and watercolour or mixed media. The creative process fascinates me because it entails elements of an experiment, the outcome is not always predictable, so I can find my own solutions.
Nature is my well of inspiration and relaxation. Therefore I enjoy both, cherishing my own perennial garden (with the friendly assistance of my four legged and furry supervisor) and visiting different gardens on my travels.