40mm = 48 grams : 50mm = 75 grams : 60mm = 105 grams

*Some designs are not available in all diameters.

6 pack sets are 40mm diameter only. 4 pack sets can be 50 or 60mm diameter.

Caplyn Dor

Caplyn Dor is an award-winning fine artist and graphic illustrator who has had numerous national and international art shows and has been awarded a creative artist fellowship from the New York State Council on the Arts. Through this award, she was able to have a father and daughter art show which she will treasure forever.

She grew up in an artistic family, which contributed greatly to forming the building blocks for her becoming a successful artist. As a child, she often went fishing with her father and upon their return watched him paint beautifully engaging country scenes from memory. Her father also painted many portraits of the love of his life, her mother.

Often looking at her father's art books for hours as well as his many highly-detailed schematics which involved engineering designs for his profession as an electrical engineer. She also watched her mother, a gifted ceramist who created beautiful figurines; she was overjoyed when allowed to help her mother paint some of the lovely ceramic pixies and flowers that she had crafted.