40mm = 48 grams : 50mm = 75 grams : 60mm = 105 grams

*Some designs are not available in all diameters.

6 pack sets are 40mm diameter only. 4 pack sets can be 50 or 60mm diameter.

Caroline Cook

UK artist Caroline Cook is well-known for her beautiful equestrian art, and has exhibited her work extensively.

Passionate about horses since she was old enough to hold a paintbrush, she has had horses and dogs all her life and paints what she loves: horses, dogs, racing, wildlife and the English countryside. Her paintings capture mood, light and motion while retaining remarkable accuracy and attention to detail.

In the past dozen or more years, the artist has developed an extensive range of limited and open edition equestrian art prints and greeting cards. Her horse paintings and animal portraits have been featured on a wide range of products, including not only prints and cards, but also ceramics, jewelry, gifts and needlecraft products.