Catherine Rowe

Catherine Rowe studied Illustration at The Cambridge School of Art, graduating in 2013. She has since worked as a freelance illustrator, jewellery designer and now freelance artist, represented by Brighton based licensing agency Yellow House Art Licensing. She displayed a love of drawing and writing from an early age and chose to pursue a career in Illustration after leaving higher education. Catherine works with the rare medium scraperboard, using it as an alternative to print making, a process she enjoyed during her time at University.

"Scraperboard allows you to produce similar results to that of a relief print or an engraving, without the specialist equipment - or the mess!" All work is originally in black and white as is the nature of the medium, and is then scanned and coloured digitally using Photoshop and a graphics tablet.

Catherine has always favoured the subject of nature and wildlife. The majority of her works feature wildlife inspired by her surrounding countryside, as well as more exotic feathered and furry beasts.