Kaitlyn Pearson

Hi I’m Kaitlyn aka Cornishbirdinthesticks!

I live near Redruth in Cornwall with my boyfriend Guy and 13 dogs (no that isn’t a typo, they are all small so if you stuck them together it would be like having one big dog….sort of!).I have always loved being creative but never confident to pursue it as a career. I studied Graphic Design at Falmouth School of Art and Design but I chose to go and work in an accounts office instead for 15 years.

It was whilst working at Falmouth Docks that I met Penny Phillips and she asked me to design a logo for the Falmouth branch of the Mission to Seafarers, to include an iconic image of the docks. I knew the design had to be crisp and sharp so my normal pen and coloured pencil cartoon sketches would not work. I had messed about on Publisher software for years designing posters, etc so decided to try using the autoshapes to create an image…a crane!

From the crane I did the Geevor design and I thought about designing more Cornwall inspired themes, fishing, harbours, mackerel, tin mines and beaches…then I tried other animals and themes, commissions for people, the list was endless!