Why Our Pattern Weights?


Some people hate pins and some don't, Although you can always be sticking yourself with them they can be

useful when needed. However before you make your mind up, Listen to what a few of our customers say...

Nicole from Manchester

says Nicole.... "I always use weights, as I use a rotary cutter. My weights are kind of unique made by

www.patternweights.co.uk in my preferred designs. I change my designs based on the season and my mood,

I now have quite a collection!

Jacky from London

I am a pattern weight person. Although I have made my own weights in the past I find the selection

patternweights.co.uk offer has saved me so much time and effort. Some fabrics like to bunch up with pins

so I very rarely use them now.

Lynn from Torquay

So many great design options for weights! I am going to start collecting them!

Now from Us.......

Darren from www.patternweights.co.uk

If you love Creating, Sewing & Crafts, Choose a design and let us do the rest, Some of the designs can be

purchased in sets from 2 weights up to 24 and available in 3 sizes. If we do not have your preferred design

we also offer a bespoke design service, All we need is an image :O)


weights.... a practical and attractive solution.